A dictionary of the terms that are commonly used on this site

  • Dinkie Dino – The Dinkie Dino was a generic pet that let you raise a dinosaur, and has remained fairly popular. Several companies either used the ROM outright or imitated it using their own unique programming. It can be distinguished by its vertically-arranged icons and its weather functions.
  • Johnny Alien – Johnny Alien is a ROM that is found on a number of generic pets. It can be identified by its exercise functions and unique sprites.
  • Left/Right Game – A basic game of chance that is found on a large number of electronic pets. In it, the player inputs a direction, either left or right, and the pet then reveals which direction they’ve chosen to face. If the player has guessed correctly, you’ll be rewarded, while guessing the wrong direction usually results in the pet displaying an unhappy face.
  • Multipet – A pet that allows you to chose multiple different pets to raise. They may let you run multiples simultaneously, or one at a time
  • ROM – A ROM (short for Read Only Memory) is the term used to refer to the particular programming found on the chip in a virtual pet.