About Virtual Pets

You’ve probably heard of the handheld Tamagotchi pets that became popular at the end of the last millennium, and if you were an anime fan at the time, you may have even played with Digimon, made by the same company. But there were many others that were also made, some by Bandai, and some by completely different companies. A good number of them were knock-offs that tried to copy the Tamagotchi’s success, but others were very well made and creative, and tried to do things that other pets hadn’t done.

As a kid, I had a Tamagotchi of my own, a Dino-kun, and a Pocket Pikachu, all of which I loved. They eventually got misplaced and lost through various moves and phases, as childhood toys often do. Eventually I decided to revisit them as an adult, and I found that there were far more types and brands than I had ever seen what I was younger. And to my largest surprise, virtual pets are still being made! Newer models have cameras, Wi-fi and Bluetooth functions, and color screens. They also have much more complex game play than their predecessors. Since I’m always curious about what the different models do, and I’m also a nerd who likes to catalogue things, I decided to set up this database so that curious players can also see what other models are out there, and maybe find some new favorites.

About the Site

This site was made and is maintained by Bekah from thefrugalgamer.net. I usually prefer static web pages, but I wanted to maximize the amount of interaction available here and make sure it was easy to sort each of the different toys by different criteria, so I’m currently running this site with WordPress using my own custom theme.