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Shell colorsRed, blue, white, yellow,
green, green translucent
Pet typeBasic
Release yearUnknown

In the US, these seem to have been distributed by a company called Innotronics, but I cannot find out who distributed them in Japan. They are dinosaur pets that are notable for having weather and training functions, and several care-based growth trees. Notably, the menu icons for these pets run vertically up the sides of the screen, rather than on the top and bottom of the pet.

Here’s a wonderful guide for how to run them:
And here’s a log from TamaTalk where someone has documented their playthrough:

Virtual Pets has a guide for these here:
Tamenagerie also has some here:

Other versions

I have no information about this one as of yet. If you know anything about it or have pictures, please contact me!

Pets included: dog, dino, alien, penguin

Pets included: Bear, penguin, dog, elephant, alien, dino, deer, shark

According to the back of the box, here are all the pets it includes:

giraffeelephantsea lionhippo (?)monkeychickenfox (FOOOOOX!)
donkeyracconpantherpigflitter mousecatdog
white mouseoctopusbutterflysea dogbaboonbeefrog

No information on this one yet. If you have pictures or info, please contact me!

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