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A catalogue of non-Bandai pets and other oddities

Shell colorswhite, red, pink, blue, purple
Pet typeBasic
Release yearUnknown

Hitorikkos are vpets that are known to be very good, and came in dog, dino, chicken, and fish flavors. They also had a 3-in-1 version. Not only that, but they’re usually still readily available secondhand for prices that aren’t too bad.


The icons on these pets go up and down, from left to right, just like the Dinkie Dinos. Here are their functions:

Left side:

  • Feeding: food/water
  • Game 1: The left-right game
  • Medicine
  • Studying (read a book)
  • Game 2: Dice game. You must guess whether the die will land on a number higher or lower than 4 using the left and right buttons

Right side:

  • Temperature (this video says she can’t tell whether or not this actually does anything)
  • Cleaning/bathroom – only cleans poops
  • Continue
  • Lights
  • Alert, non-selectable


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