Pocket Love

Shell colorsTranslucent blue, translucent green, white, pearl
ManufacturerNaco, and Bandai for the Hello Kitty version
Pet typeRomance
Release year1997

The pocket love series came in three different models: a heart-shaped shell featuring two humans, a paw-shaped shell featuring two cats, and a Hello Kitty-shaped shell also featuring two cats. As far as I can tell, there’s no real difference between the Hello Kitty and paw programming; they seem to have just reused the ROM with a licensed shell.

There are two pets that you will take care of simultaneously, and the goal of the gameplay is to get them to fall in love. During set up, you will set their zodiac signs and blood type, which will help in determining how compatible they are. In order to make them fall in love, you can make them engage in activities like dating,

Their health, stats, and compatibility can be seen on the status menu, which is shown by pressing the middle button.

Menu options

The top and bottom icons in this pet are divided into positive and negative effects on the two characters’ relationship. Top icons help mitigate bad effects and are as follows:

  • Mouse icon (play together)
  • Paw icon (fight off rival: slaps the other character)
  • Medicine icon (male gets sick and you can heal him)
  • Brush icon (lure male back from cheating)

Bottom icons help increase good feelings. These can be used at any time and don’t need to be used in reaction to events.

  • Coffee cup (go to restaurant)
  • Karaoke (sing together)
  • Give flower (boy gives girl flower)
  • lips (kiss)

If you perform these too many times in a row, the girl will get bored and you won’t get point from them, so try to vary them to keep her interested. If done correctly, after performing an action you’ll see a special animation and their love bar will increase. Many users who play with this pet have reported that it’s pretty difficult to get these increases, so there may be some randomness associated with them.

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