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Shell colorsYellow
Pet typePedometer
Release year1998

This particular pet doesn’t have a whole lot of interactivity compared to other pets, but it does have a large variety of animations. In it you take care of Pikachu by collecting “volts,” which are basically the number of steps you’ve taken. You can also potentially increase the number of volts you have using a slot machine game (which I’ve never been able to master). As you gain more volts, you can give them as gifts to Pikachu, and whether or not he’s happy with the gift depends on how large it is. The more you give, the happier he becomes. As you walk around with him throughout the day, he’ll engage in different activities, including showering, eating, riding a bike or motorcycle, running, and brushing his teeth. He goes to bed on his own and night and will wake up on his own the next morning.

The lack of activities this one has can be a bit disappointing, but the graphics are very cute.



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