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Shell colorsYellow/white
Pet typeBasic
Release year2006

This is a really unique and cool pet! The screen is located inside the case, and you will need to look through the viewfinder to see it. Gameplay for this pet mainly revolves around mixing DNA to get different types of pets, and you’re actually given a lot of control over how your pet turns out. By playing games, you’ll earn different items, and you can choose to apply these to the pet to morph it into something else. After a set number of days, the pet leaves, and you are given a new one to try again. The pet also has a memory function so that you can keep track of previous pets you’ve raised.

Daughter of Anubis on Tumblr has run this one in her blog, and has also put up a wonderful guide on how to play with it here:
Tumblr Post

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