Fairies Friend

Shell colorsPink
ManufacturerInspiration Works
Pet typeUnknown
Release year2020

These were released in 2008 and are probably meant to be more of a game than a pet, but I’m including them here for the sake of completeness. Here is the description from the now-defunct Australian Amazon page:

  • A unique magic ball
  • Connect with other fairy friends ears using the additional points
  • Fairy booklet attached
  • Perfect for girls from 4 years and up

Touch the magic ball and watch the Fairy Queen magically appear. You can then learn how to prepare potions, use spells and even how to fly. In adventure mode, earn points to defeat evil creatures and obstacles to eventually become a Fairy Queen yourself! You can even connect your fairy unit to one of your friends’ to earn extra points. Use the fairy booklet to learn more about potions and spells. 2 x GR13 batteries included. Ages 4+

I have checked the Wayback Machine for the site listed in the images below, by the way, and it was flash-only, so unfortunately I can’t get any of it to run.

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