Comet Critters

Shell colorsBlue, aqua, silver, white
Pet typeBasic
ProgrammingJohnny Alien, Micropets
Release year2022

Nyko, which is still around and makes gaming peripherals, made the Comet Critters series. These days the “Kid Comet” is the one that shows up on eBay all the time, to the point at which I thought that the others had never been made. Worthpoint actually has a few photos of them, though, so apparently they’re just very rare. That said, the only one I have and have been able to run is the Kid Comet model, so as of now I don’t yet have any info about the others.

The ones I have seen are clones of other generic pets.

Kid Comet

This is a very difficult pet to run. Its programming comes from the Johnny Alien ROM, and is beyond frustrating. It’s VERY picky about just about everything, and even when I thought I was doing fine, it would still go and die on me. Needless to say, it doesn’t take much neglect at all, and its meters need to be kept high at all times. I gave up after about four attempts to raise one past its second stage.


  • Feeding – Meal and dessert
  • Lights
  • Game – This is a guessing game that happens to be a variant of the Left-right game
  • Exercise – can be done at all stages of growth
  • Medicine
  • Cleaning – Poop only, no showering
  • Stats
  • Education – basically a discipline function, but it is done in response to false calls.
  • Attention icon – unselectable
  • Go for walk – This seems to function as a temporary, hour-long pause. The instructions warn you not to use it if the pet’s mood is too low, or they’ll wander off and not come back.


Planetary Pup

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