Pocket Sakura

ScreenColor, not backlit
Shell colorsTranslucent pink
Pet typePedometer
Release year2000

Based on the game series Sakura Taisen, a combination dating sim/RPG, this pet has the same form factor as the Pikachu and Hello Kitty pets, but the game play is slightly more complex. With this pet, you will take care of the titular character Sakura, and you accumulate points by walking. These points can be used to play mini games or use the items she has. As you walk, the pet will chose a destination from the show to travel to, and you must help her get there by adding steps. Once she arrives, she can perform various activities and will sit and have some tea. The pet will collect the people and places you have met, and you can scroll through them and see what you’ve collected. Also, like the Pocket Pikachu 2, this pet contains an IR port that can communicate with its corresponding GBA game.

Tamasquare had instructions for this pet up, which I have archived below. There are also some additional notes available on the Wayback machine here: https://web.archive.org/web/20080820161832/http://www.peppersoup.net/tamasquare/sakura2.php

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