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ScreenColor, not backlit
Shell colorsTranslucent black, gold glitter
Pet typePedometer
Release year1999

Now in color! The gameplay on this one is largely similar to the first, but it is now in color and includes a few extra functions. There is an additional high-low card game included, and the case has an IR meant to connect to the GBC pokemon games. Apparently this enables the player to send gifts to the pokemon in game by spending the watts you have accumulated while walking. The card game is a card guessing game: Pikachu will hold up a card with a value on it, and you must guess whether the next one will be lower or higher. If you guess correctly, you get to keep the watts you have or keep playing, while if you lose, you’ll forfeit all of the watts you’ve gained so far.

Note that although the pet is in color, it’s got that washed-out quality to the colors in all the screenshots I’ve seen, so I don’t think it’s backlit. This matches what was going on with the GameBoy Colors at the time, which were universally hard to see and play on until they came out with the backlit Game Boy Advance model later.


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