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Shell colorsMulticolor
Pet typeCollector
Release yearUnknown

This is a newer Doraemon pet, also by Bandai. There’s no corresponding Dorami pet, and this one is in color. The face is designed something like a toddler toy, and in lieu of buttons, has large colorful mechanisms that are used to control the pet: A large yellow dial on the left, a red bubble button on the top, a red wheel on the right, a touch-sensitive slider on the bottom left, and a large orange button on the bottom right. This one is less centered on care and more on collectibles, though there are a a few things you will need to do to take care of Doraemon. Overall, it seems like a pretty easy and non-demanding pet, and I really like the unique control scheme it has, but unfortunately it is only available in Japanese.

Menu functions

  1. Chat: Chat with Doraemon to make him happy and increase your friendship meter. When chatting, he will sometimes give hints about how to get secret items and etc.
  2. Pet: Pet Doraemon to cheer him up and increase your friendship meter
  3. Clean the room when there are dust motes on the screen
  4. Play with gadgets: these are unlocked over time when playing games, and each has a different effect
  5. Outings: use Doraemon’s door to go outside
  6. Games: only 3 are available in the beginning, but you will unlock more as you play. There are 10 total
  7. Gachapon: You can do this once per day. Spin the wheel to get a capsule and unlock new food and gadgets.
  8. Gadgets: There are 10 slots for you to put gadgets.
  9. Secret tools encyclopedia: There are 100 to collect total, and they will be listed here as you get them
  10. Doraemon status: This shows his friendship level and the number of coins you have. There are 7 friendship levels total
  11. Settings: Time/date, brightness, sound, passwords (can unlock extra things by getting them from the official website listed in the instructions), and a few other other functions


  • Outing game: you’ll get a random character, and you avoid bees and collect balloons while flying across the screen. Use the dial to move up and down. You’ll win coins after each game, and playing games helps the friendship meter to fill up faster. Some of the characters you get play differently: one of the boys has two lives instead of four like the others.
  • Left-right game only you’re playing matador with dinosaurs. You’ll use the slider for this one.
  • Asteroids: Use the dial to move up and down, the red wheel for left/right, and press the red button on top to shoot. I’m impressed with this one. A+ for including a classic.
  • Match seasons of pictures shown on the left by choosing the right button on the panel to the right. You can use the yellow dial to navigate. This one is weirdly simply compared to the others.
  • Rhythm game/guitar hero: Press the correct buttons as their icons cross the bar in time to play the song correctly.
  • Spin the red wheel to catch the bamboo horse. Once Doraemon has hold of it, press the orange button repeatedly so he doesn’t fall off. This one is a little hectic.
  • Fishing: choose a spot and press the orange button to throw the bait. When you get a bite, turn the yellow dial to reel it in. Make sure not to let the meter go into the red! If you catch the fish, you’ll win the game
  • Memorizing game: Memorize the characters who appear, and chose their cards on the next screen. Order is apparently not important.
  • Multiplying food: swipe left and right as fast as you can to multiply the food. This one’s animations are pretty funny!
  • Falling bean paste pancake game: Use the red wheel to move across the screen, and the dial to open Doraemon’s mouth. There are also obstacles that will show up on the screen and you can use the other buttons to get rid of them.


Sometimes after finishing a game, Doraemon will give you a secret tool from his pocket! Use the slider to slide left and right until he shows it to you.

Each game has a series of icons across the top that show how many gadgets you can unlock by playing them. This way, you can check your progress by scrolling through the games menu.

Once you’ve collected everything, a secret door will appear!

Friendship levels don’t drop–once you’ve earned them, they’re there for good.

Some of the gadgets you collect can me used in the games you play (specifically the Outing challenge game)

Once you’ve earned a number of coins, you can use them to exchange items.

Music notes on screen mean he’s happy, sparkles maen you’ve cleaned, hearts mean he’s leveled up.

Sometimes a rat will appear and scare Doraemon. You can get rid of it by using the broom.

Doraemon will feel depressed if you ignore him for too long. You can cheer him up by petting him, chatting with him, or playing games.

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