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Shell colorsCustom (Doraemon
and Doraemi)
Pet typeBasic
Release year2006

There were two of these, Doraemon, and Doraemitchi. This is a basic pet in which you raise either Doraemon or Doraemitchi, two robots from the future who come back to help their friends. It lets you raise and care for the pet, and the functions seem to be largely the same regardless of which model you’re using. The main difference is the theming–the girl reacts differently to mice, and has different favorite foods and icons. Unique to this pet, and inspired by the anime, is a “fourth dimensional pocket” from which you can grab and use items to help you with various random events throughout the day. The second page of the guide linked below has a general overview of what they do, but mentions that a few hold secrets that you will find if you play with them. Overall, this one seems pretty cute and has a few differences that help it stand out from other Bandai pets.

Tamasquare has a short guide to this one which I have archived here, because the site is only available via the Wayback Machine:

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