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Shell colorsPink
Pet typeCollector
Release year2022

Amazon JP link

Based on the cooking anime “Delicious Party Pretty Cure”, this one comes in a watch format and is made by Bandai. It is centered around raising a young cat girl and leveling her up by collecting different “recipepies,” which are little food fairies that represent different dishes. There are additional figures of these fairies that can be bought separately and have QR codes on the bottom that will unlock more food. A few fans have uploaded images of these since they are difficult to find for sale, so you may be able to find them around. The pet has three meters: Evolution, happiness, and hunger. There’s only one game, but there are a number of shops and locations you can visit to buy ingredients and prepared food, and there’s also a babysitter character that you can use if you need to take a break.


There are a couple of videos on Youtube that go over the screens and functions for this pet below:

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