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Shell colorswhite, black, translucent blue, translucent pink
Pet typeFortune teller
Release year1998

“Angel and Devil.” This pet is designed to give you a personalized fortune each day. Both Devitan and Micalun reside in the same toy, and Micalun will deliver good fortunes, while Devitan will deliver bad ones. You’ll begin the game by inputting a variety of info about yourself such as age, weight, blood type, etc., and presumably this info is used to generate your fortunes.

Occasionally the characters will fight each other and accrue “bandages” at the end of the fight. Collecting three of these will result in one of the characters leaving, but you can apparently clear them by using the slot machine function, which is part of the fortune menu.

Here’s a rundown of this toy from Hue’s Tank on Neocities:


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