Magical Witches

Shell colorsGreen, orange, pink, blue
Pet typeBasic
Release year1998

Probably the rarest of pets, these weren’t released in the US and there just aren’t many of them around. When they do show up, they tend to go for very, very high prices. There are four of these pets in total; a green one for Air, orange for Earth, pink for Fire, and blue for Water. Each holds a witch that represents that particular elements and has some limits on what it can do. Care is very much like the Tamagotchis, with feeding and cleaning and many of the stats screens looking the same. There are no games that I can tell–instead, there are a number of functions that let you create magical spells and curses based on different ingredients you can find.

Menu Functions

  1. Stats – This shows the pet’s hunger and happiness, as well as its magic level and “MP” or Magical Points (I’m guessing)
  2. Feed – There are three choices: meal, snack, and medicine
  3. Cauldron – Can combine the items in your inventory to make curses and cures
  4. Inventory
  5. Clean – When you clean the screen of their poop, it goes into their inventory to be used as an ingredient
  6. Lights
  7. Travel – The witch will beep when they want to go “witching.” They’ll leave and come back 10-15 min later with an item that is then added to Inventory
  8. Attention – Unselectable



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