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ScreenColor, back-lit
Shell colorsPeach, Blue
Pet typeCollector
Release year2020

Although very cute and popular within the virtual pets community, this one isn’t really a traditional virtual pet. Gameplay is centered around collecting different cute little bobas, which you can then make into drinks to sell in your boba stand. It has a very unique color screen, which is slightly translucent. This lets you see behind it to the straw that sticks out of the top, and acts as another control method for the pet. It’s a really neat effect!


  • Search for more bobas – This takes you to a screen with some selections: you can chose the type of liquid you would like (you will start with one, but others will be unlocked as you play), the ice level you’d like, and your sweetness level. Once you’re done, press the middle button, and you’ll be taken to a screen with many bobas swirling around. Move the straw to stir them into a frenzy, and one of them will be selected and stand out. You must press the straw down when it floats within the circle on the screen to start catching it. When the screen zooms in on the selected boba, push down on the straw to suck it up. But not too hard! Let go before the meter goes into the red, and move the straw to shake off the other bobas. Repeat until you’re successful. Once the boba has been caught, you’ll be taken to a screen that will tell you whether it’s new or not.
  • Customize your bobas – This lets you change the liquid and bobas on your home screen. There is a maximum of 20 that can show up, but you can switch them out at any time. If you don’t check on them for a while, they’ll shrivel up and look sad, so give them a shake with the straw to make them happy.
  • Games – There are a total of six games, and only two of them are unlocked when you start. Here are the ones I’ve seen:
  * Catch game; catch the good bobas, avoid the bad ones as they fall (available at start)
  * Use the straw to add straws to drinks as they go down the conveyor belt (available at start)
  * Simon says with 3 directions
  * Sweep the store and earn coins
  * Matching card game
  * Unknown - I have not yet been able to find out anything about the last game

Each game can net you a total of 200 coins, which you can then spend in the store for ingredients.

  • Shopping – The store lets you buy ingredients for your drinks
  • Blender – the blender lets you make drinks. Chose the boba you’d like to make it with, and if there are any required ingredients for its drink, it will tell you here. Add the needed ingredients, and press the middle button. Then you’ll need to move the straw back and forth to stir it up. When the drink has been made, you’ll be told whether or not it’s a new drink, and if so it will be added to your shop.
  • Book – This is a log of everything you’ve unlocked so far
  • Settings – self explanatory

A few more notes

Getting new ones seems to be random, so rather than using a guide you’ll just have to keep trying

The bobas are all rated between 1-3 stars, which indicates how common they are. 1 is the most common, and 3 are the most rare.

You can upgrade your store as you go along and earn more coins, starting with a small stand, and going all the way up to a huge building.

There are 5 “stages” of drinks that start with easy (only require 1 ingredient), all the way up to hard (requiring several). Drinks that you have made will go up for sale at your stand, though I don’t think there’s a selling/simulation mechanic here. In order to progress to the next stage, you will need to make all the required drinks for each stage.


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