Littlest Pet Shop

There were quite a few of these released, and several versions with different functionality. Overall, they are less pet-like than other vpets, focusing more on games or collecting things. One iteration, for example, features several pets that have escaped from the pet shop, and you must find them and send them back to their homes. Once you’ve found them all, you can continue to play mini-games, or reset the pet and play again. Another iteration actually included a meter for the pet’s needs, and you are meant to use the attached charms on the pet to press buttons that will feed and groom it. There is another type–shaped like a pen–that focuses on collecting friends and stickers. This one has proper menus, whereas the others feature an extensive multi-screen map that contains minigames and various locations to visit.

An example map from the full-sized butterfly LPS pet

The keychain form factor pets also include a connection port on the back that allows them to be connected to other pets. According to the packaging, this allows them to dance together, and I’m unsure of whether or not they can do anything else (I only own one at the moment). Because a new pet was created for each animal the line featured, there are quite a lot of these on the market, and collecting them all would certainly be a task. Here are the ones I’ve managed to find so far:

Puppy, pig, turtle, kitten, mouse, horse, monkey, bird, cat, iguana, pony, and dog

I have also tried to collect packaging photos of each of these for identification purposes. Below are photos of packaging, as well as the deluxe LPS toys, and a few of the pens.

I have managed to find a few instruction booklet scans online, but since each of the pets seem to have unique maps, they won’t apply to every toy out there. If you have any and can share scans, photos, or transcriptions, please reach out to me!

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